Brexit Heroes on the Bog

Brexit Heroes on the Bog: Even though the architects of our Brexit triumph might appear to be superhuman, they still need to visit the smallest-room once in a while. There’s no shame in that. Everybody in the world, apart from The Queen, has to go from time to time. Have you ever wondered what our heroes get up to while they’re doing their business? We have.

That’s why we pay one of our undercover reporters to hang around the toilets and report back on what our national saviours say when they’re busy laying a cable.

James Ratcliffe

The billionaire owner of Ineos may not have too much affection for his home country but never let it be said that he can’t crap for England!

Brexit Heroes on the Bog - James Ratcliffe. Daily Distress satire.

John Redwood

As a fearless campaigner for the proud fish of Berkshire, it is little surprise that John Redwood’s piscine passions colour all of his activities.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog - John Redwood. Daily Distress satire

Andrea Jenkyns

Many years ago somebody placed a 5000 horse-power V8 Dyson vacuum cleaner a little too close to one of Andrea’s lug-holes but bless her soul, she keeps on trying.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog. Andrea Jenkyns. Daily Distress satire

Boris Johnson

Never let it be said that our Glorious Leader can’t pump it out at both ends with equal aplomb.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog. Boris Johnson. Daily Distress satire

Theresa May

Is there a more loyal person on this planet than Theresa May? Even when she’s dropping the kids off at the pool, her party is always foremost in her thoughts.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog. Theresa May. Daily Distress satire.

Vladimir Putin

Brexit wasn’t purely a British achievement. We had a little help from our friends abroad, too. Not least, the charming, affable and entirely democratic leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin. A knowledge of old naval jokes about may come in handy here.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog. Vladimir Putin. Daily Distress satire.

Jeremy Corbyn

We often think that freeing our island from jack-booted Belgians was an entirely Tory achievement but it couldn’t have happened without the help of the man known as Jezza the Red. Any man who blows his entire reputation by forcing through an A50 declaration is guaranteed a place on our list of Brexit heroes. As such, he qualifies to have one of our reporters lurking outside his toilet door for the rest of his life.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog. Jeremy Corbyn. Daily Distress satire.

Dido Harding

Dido is the queen of charity and would rarely consider taking a payment for anything. A woman has to make a living, though.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog. Dido Harding. Daily Distress satire.

Jacob Rees-Mogg

When he’s not busy being down with the youth, the man known as Rees-Moggy Mogg is firmly rooted in reality. He was, after all, the one who told us not to get our hopes up too much as the benefits of Brexit will be a long way down the line.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog. Jacob Rees Mogg. Dily Distress satire.

Michael Gove

Everybody’s favourite cheeky monkey, Michael Gove, might seem like a quiet and unassuming type but behind his studious, wall-flower exterior, there lurks a world-beating ego. Never before, did a Minister of Christ-Knows-What take so much pride in his gross national product.

Brexit Heroes on the Bog. Michael Gove. Dily Distress satire