MegaTrumps – Booster Pack #1

MegaTrumps is the game that’s sweeping the nation, providing good, clean fun for all the family.

Be the first on your block to jazz up your deck with these trumptastic new cards:

megatrumps: trabant 601
They may have looked a bit rubbish and gave off a lot of smoke but on a good day, with a following wind, the “Trabby” could hit an impressive 60 MPH.
megatrumps: lichfield cathedral
Arguably the finest building in Staffordshire, Lichfield Cathedral hits big with our complete guess at how many seats there are in there.
megatrumps: household cavalry
It’s horse power all the way with Her Majesty’s parade specialists!
megatrumps: london bus
We don’t know much about these as they only have them in London, but this is a good all-round addition to any deck.
megatrumps sputnik 1
If you like your history fast, this pioneering piece of space clutter whizzed around at a spectacular 300 MPH.