Cutest Cat Picture in the World Discovered

Cutest cat picture in the world
The cutest cat picture in the world

The cutest cat picture in the world has been discovered on a mobile phone in the darkest depths of the English Midlands. The subject, believed to be known as Bailey, is an English Cream of an unspecified vintage.

When not lying on his back and looking insanely cute, Bailey likes to spend his time doing cat stuff. He has a particular passion for sleeping, eating , and glowering at other cats – all of which he is extremely good at. Having narrowly failed to secure a job as the new , Bailey has now retired and tends to avoid the limelight. This rare shot captured by a local paparazzi is the first photograph of Bailey to be uncovered in 2022. We hope that it won’t be the last!

Is this really the cutest cat picture in the world?

Of course, we think it is, but maybe we’re a little biased as Bailey is an old friend of The Daily Distress. If, for some reason, you think that this is only the second cutest cat picture in the world, please send us your proof via an and we’ll put it to the vote!