Mongoose Liver Oil found to aid Critical Thinking

It has long been recognised that mongoose liver oil (MLO) has many healthy properties. It’s bursting with and as well as being a particularly rich source of many essential fatty acids (). But new research suggests that it may have one benefit to surpass all others.

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Could the mongoose save us all?

Top boffins at Shepshed University in England have revealed that a substance found in mongoose liver oil can provide significant benefits to those suffering from Credulity Syndrome (CS).

Scientists believe that as many as 98% of people are somewhere on the CS spectrum. For most of us, the condition goes largely unnoticed but in extreme cases, the syndrome can lead to a complete loss of critical faculties.

The fear though, is that the population is shifting along the spectrum and studies suggest that the increase in CS is rapidly becoming exponential.

daily distress UK satire humour
The global surge in CS

Until now, there was little that we could do to arrest this alarming increase.  New hope, however, is on the horizon as the Shepshed Study has revealed that MLO could dramatically flatten the curve. 

Serpensoleum hydroxide, the vital ingredient in MLO may reduce the symptoms of CS by a breathtaking 80%. If researchers can find a way to synthesise the compound, a miracle cure may be just around the corner.

Work is currently under way on a pharmaceutical solution to do just that. Provisionally named ichneumonthedine, it is hoped that the wonder drug will receive clinical approval at some point in the next decade.

Drug accreditation is a notably slow process, however. We may still be a long way from seeing ichneumonthedine on the pharmacy shelves.  But all is not lost.  While regular mongoose liver oil supplements won’t have quite the same power as the concentrated extract, they could still lead to a significant increase in our capacity for critical appraisal.