Vox Pop – Baden-Powell

Our socially-distanced reporters hit the streets to ask the Great British public what they think:

Today’s question was “Given Lord Baden-Powell’s apparent support for Hitler’s National Socialists, is it time that we removed public monuments to the founder of the Scouting movement?”

Patricia Paulsgrove, 68, retired ice-cream vendor, Portsmouth:  The Hitler thing doesn’t really bother me, everyone liked Hitler back then, including the King.  What troubles me is the whole “Scouting for Boys” thing – I mean, the clue’s in the title isn’t it?  He was one of those paediatricians, simple as that.  Never mind the statue, his body should be dug up and hanged.  Twice.

Jordan Grimes, 20, art student, Pontefract:  I’m not too sure who this Boden-Pole guy was, but Hitler was definitely a bit of a racist.  If they’ve got a statue of him anywhere, then at the very least it should be graffitied.  They could like paint one of those silly little moustaches on it, show him up for what he was.

Edna James, 49, grand larcenist, Tipton:  We had a referendum, didn’t we?  Just get on with it, Boris!

Septimus Cholmondley-Smythe AKA Dave Smith, 42, political activist, Henley-on-Thames:  This is just another assault on white, working-class males like myself.  I’m sick of being labelled as “racist” just because I like to feel that I’m better than anyone who’s a different colour to me.  How the [expletive deleted] is that racist?  I got nothing against the [expletive deleted] as long as they’re in their own countries.  If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t come here, should they?  Simples.

Jane Curbishley, 28, administrative assistant, Dumfries:  I’m not sure that you can judge old people by modern standards.  Things were different then.  He must be getting on a bit these days, what is he now, a hundred?  Leave the poor old guy alone!

Anthony ‘Spliffsy’ Cooke, 37, layabout, Devizes:  He was a racist.  His statue should be removed.  Anyone who says otherwise should have their statue removed, too.  Or not made in the first place, assuming they haven’t got one.  And a lot of us haven’t.  I haven’t got a statue and I’m not a racist.  My mate Digi’s half black, for God’s sake.  Where’s my bloody statue?

George Antrobus, 78, retired policeman, Wigan:  I was a boy scout and thoroughly proud of it.  Yes, we declared our loyalty to King and Country every day but to compare it to the Hitler Youth is absurd, there was nothing racist about it.  Of course, we didn’t have any darkies to worry about back in those days, so it was all a bit different, really.

Yolande Thomas, 34, nurse, Cardiff:  I’m up to my ears in Corona patients right now, haven’t people got more important things to worry about?

Marc Wheaton, 29, drum circle facilitator, Northampton: Well, yes, we all know how dodgy the Scouts are but what about the Girl Guides?  They seem to be getting away with it.