Where’s Moggy?

where's moggy the fun Jacob Rees-Mogg game for all the family
Can you find him?

Where’s Moggy? Our fantastic new competition is here!

Our lord and saviour, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the right honourable something or other for the 16th Century has taken to hiding himself in the pages of The Daily Distress. He thinks that this is the last place that people will look now that hiding in a fridge has become something of a cliche for the publicity-shy politico.

Sadly, for him, we’re wise his sneaky antics and we reckon that he is lurking in five other pictures on this sorry excuse for a website. Were there five or were there six? In all the excitement we kind of forgot. We’re pretty sure it’s five, though.

If you can find them all, you can win yourself a Daily Distress mug. They’re so cool that we suspect that Nadine Dorries refuses to drink her breakfast gin from anything else (although we have no actual proof of this). They also feature a highly innovative design that is both waterproof and works equally well for both right-handed people and children of the Devil.

Nadine Dorries drinks gin from a Daily Distrss mug
Cartoon © Melissa Keogh

Did you spot Moggy in the picture above? We promise it doesn’t get too much harder than that. Just mooch around the site until you see the sneaky, little tyke lurking in a picture and make a note of it. It’s so easy that Liz Truss could pull it off with a bit of luck and a following wind.

Good luck, Mogg spotters!

This handsome trophy could be yours!

Daily Distress mug

Where’s Moggy? – Competition Rules

  1. The first person to tell us all the places that Moggy is hiding wins.
  2. We’ll do our best to come up with some other prizes beyond a crappy mug but some of them might have to be be virtual prizes because we’re not made of money.
  3. Given that nobody’s overly likely to enter, we can’t be bothered to create an entry form, so just send an email to pete [at-sign] dailydistress.com. It will save you a fortune in postage and/or premium-rate phone calls.
  4. The competion is not open to Jacob Rees-Mogg or any of his immediate family as the slimy git is almost certain to try to cheat. Sorry, Jacob, but you’ll just have to buy your own mug. We reckon you can afford to.
  5. Anyone who works for The Daily Distress can forget about it, too. We know what you’re like.
  6. Collaborative entries are absolutely welcome but we will not arbitrate on the question of how you share the prize.
  7. Only pictures of Moggy in a red top-hat count. Any other depictions of this vile character should be ignored.

Legal Stuff

  1. This competition should not be taken in any way to be an endorsement of Jacob Ress-Mogg.
  2. In case of any dispute, the party of the first part will liase with the party of the third part and arrange to settle the argument with a game of Spoof. Standard rules. Best of 5.
  3. The editor’s indecision is final.
  4. Bribes are welcome but will not influence the result.