Is the world beyond satire? Increasingly so, we suspect, but that doesn’t stop us from having a pop at some of our glorious leaders and would-be-leaders from time to time.


When you live in a world where people seem to actively worship the likes of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, it’s hard to resist a little heckling from the sidelines.


We have no particular political affiliation or axe to grind. We just find them hilarious from the ultra-woke to the ultra-anti-woke. We condsider ourselves to be .

Stuck in the Middle with You. How different people see the political spectrum.


We nearly mentioned Brexit back there but we think we got away with it.


Welcome to our satire archives.

Bunga Bunga Party Boat of the future

Bunga Bunga Party Ahoy!

Whilst Brexit may have brought many benefits to the UK, one of its unfortunate side-effects has been the devastation that it has brought to the country’s fishing fleets. All may not be lost, however. A new scheme from the Department of International Trade could be set to turn our ailing trawlers into a crack squadron …

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110 pound diet

The 110 Pound Diet

The UK’s much-loved Prime Minister is something of a health nut, and he aspires to inspire the nation with a revolutionary weight-loss program. For several months, Boris Johnson has been selflessly trialling the experimental 110 Pound Diet System. It is believed that the portly PM was first introduced to the plan by close friend and …

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voter fraud

Voter Fraud – Secret Memo Leaked

With the government poised to adopt extraordinary measures against seemingly non-existent voter fraud, questions have been raised as to the motivation behind the move. A leaked House of Commons memorandum would appear to explain the plan in rather unsettling detail. Speculation is rife as to the identity of the sender of the memo, who names …

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Vox Pop – Sleaze

There’s no getting away from it, the first word that comes up when people discuss British politics these days is sleaze. Our leaders insist that nobody cares whether people steal a few million quid of their money from time to time, but are they right? We heroically took to the streets to ask the British …

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